The second day of travel to meet our expedition ship saw us fly from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, the most southerly city on earth at 58S. This journey on Boeing 737 flying at 38,000ft took 3 hours 15 minutes. As the crow flies we left Buenos Aires and soon crossed the South Atlantic to Southern Patagonia but offshore from Chile. A steep descent and a right turn saw us surrounded by snow and ice-capped mountains, with no doubt the ground proximity radar screening “terrain’, but what an approach!
The transfer to the hotel was followed by yet another meal and this time a Malbec Longittud 39!! An afternoon walk along the Beagle Channel fringed by Argentinian and Chilean mountains. This is Tierra del Fuego at 54S, the last kilometres of the Andes Mountains before they disappear beneath the Atlantic and Southern Oceans to reappear as the continent of Antarctica.
Tomorrow we board the expedition ship.

6 thoughts on “Ushuaia”

  1. Following the journey with you.
    Travelled all that way and still find red wine.

    Hope you enjoy your time on the ship.

  2. We keep asking Archie and Amelia where Grandma and Grandad are and they keep replying with “penguins” 🙂

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