Getting to the ship


To reach the ship for our Antarctic adventure we flew from Manchester to Buenos Aires via Paris a distance of 7650 miles. The journey from Paris lasted 13 hours and 20 minutes and brought home to us how vast the Atlantic Ocean is. Leaving Europe we flew southwest skirting the west coast of Africa to cross the Equator near the mouth of the River Amazon. This took more than half of the journey time and upon crossing the Equator we still had 2990 miles to travel, mostly across Brazil’s rainforest. Landing in Buenos Aires we achieved latitude 34S. Upon arrival we had a delicious local lunch followed by a city tour. Buenos Aires is Paris transported to South America. The evening meal was a delicious barbecue of pork and lamb! This was helped along with Malbec Longitud 33 red wine!

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  1. Frances Murdoch

    Only Lisle Tours would include detailed descriptions of food and wine!
    Looks like an amazing adventure. Looking forward to hearing more.

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