December 2022

Friday 9th December

This was departure day with time to walk around the city before boarding the Boeing 777 to London. Essentially the plane was pointed towards Paris for 10 hours before we adjusted course for a landing from the east. On this expedition we travelled around 14,500 miles.

Thursday 8th December 2022

This morning we had an early start to enable us to visit the Aquila Game Reserve in the Hex Valley of the Western Cape. The reserve is shielded by mountains from the oceanic weather systems and so is semi-arid, steppe-like savannah with maquis (Mediterranean) vegetation, with sandy soil and frost and heat shattered rocks. Travelling …

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Wednesday 7th December 2022

At 07:00 our view at wake-up time is very different. Our tour today is of the Winelands of the Cape Region set below the dramatic Hottentots Holland Mountain Range. At Franschhoek, one of the oldest towns in the region, was settled by Huguenots from France, Belgium and the Netherlands. When the Dutch colonised the area, …

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Tuesday 6th December 2022

We had an early morning wake up in readiness for disembarkation. Following our departure from the ship we started our tour of the Cape Region and the Cape of Good Hope. En route we passed the jackass penguin colony which is only here because of the cold waters from the Antarctic. It is summer here, …

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Monday 5th December 2022

At 08:30 and on a much smoother sea we had 86 miles to go to reach Cape Town. Overnight the improved sea conditions had allowed us to make up 1.5 hours of the anticipated delay. After breakfast we sited South Africa for the first time at St. Helena Bay with 62 miles to go. Having …

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Sunday 4th December 2022   

Our day started at 08:50 with a moderate chop, bright sunshine and light cloud as we made good progress towards Cape Town at 26S 14E. By noon, still travelling in a south south-easterly direction, we had reached 27S 15E. We were travelling at 15 knots against a 35mph headwind and 9ft waves which may mean …

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Saturday 3rd December 2022

At the opening of the curtains at 07:30 we were approaching Pelican Point on the sand spit that provided the original safe anchorage at Walvis Bay. We are at 22S 14E and will dock in about an hour. Many ships are at anchor, waiting on the tide and spaces in the port which handles Namibia’s …

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Friday 2nd December 2022

At 17S 11E it was 17⁰C, bright and cloudy with white topped waves during breakfast. We are nearer to the coast than anticipated, either because of the weather or the events during the early hours. Sleep for everyone was interrupted by a medical call for help. A passenger needed an emergency blood transfusion, and the …

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Thursday 1st December 2022

At 08:30, from our cabin window on the starboard side of the ship, it appeared to be an overcast day. However, whilst we ate breakfast the sun was beginning to appear. We were making good progress southwards and it was a little cooler at 24⁰C. At noon the Captain updated us on our progress. We …

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