Wednesday 7th December 2022

At 07:00 our view at wake-up time is very different.

Our tour today is of the Winelands of the Cape Region set below the dramatic Hottentots Holland Mountain Range.

At Franschhoek, one of the oldest towns in the region, was settled by Huguenots from France, Belgium and the Netherlands. When the Dutch colonised the area, they came here to escape religious persecution. The memorial’s three arches represent the Holy Trinity, whilst the woman and globe stands for all religions.

A nearby vineyard provided a most amazing picnic lunch complete with their own wine. The best lunch in weeks!

Finally, we called in at Stellenbosch founded in 1679. There are many Dutch style buildings here and the remains of the water management (waterwheels, sluices and canals) introduced by the Dutch. This evening we ate dinner overlooking the original harbour known as the Victoria and Alfred Docks, dating from 1860. Named after Queen Victoria and her son Alfred, they are now the home of fishing boats, small sea going vessels and yachts.

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