Tuesday 6th December 2022

We had an early morning wake up in readiness for disembarkation.

Following our departure from the ship we started our tour of the Cape Region and the Cape of Good Hope.

En route we passed the jackass penguin colony which is only here because of the cold waters from the Antarctic. It is summer here, but other than the seals, sea birds and penguins, very little is in the water.

We had views along the coast from the coach and then our arrival at the magnificent Cape Point, a little bit further south than the Cape of Good Hope. Here the Indian and Atlantic Oceans collide, which when they coincide with high winds it produces the storms that Dias and de Gama experienced.  (Earlier we explained how the Cape got its name.)

The indigenous flora and fauna here is known as Flynbos (fine bush), but there is very little fine about it as it is dense and extensive.

We were lucky to see ostriches and a zebra, though out of camera range.

We arrived at the hotel in the late afternoon and after check-in there was little else to do but chill out with BBQ wings and a beer.

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