Friday 11th August 2023 

We departed Halifax Central Station at 13:00 aboard ‘The Ocean’ overnight sleeper train on a 836 mile journey to Montreal. Rain and a heavy sky did little to improve the dour dockland exit from the city. Later we crossed forests, dairy farming areas and one of the heads of the Bay of Fundy. This is famous for having the largest tidal range (16m) in the world.

When we passed the northern arm of the Bay of Fundy, we crossed the Tantramar Marshes, one of the largest salt marshes in the world. At low tide we witnessed vast areas of mudflats.

As daylight ended, we stopped at Maramichi, New Brunswick which was originally called Newcastle and settled by Irish and Basque fishermen. The two arms of the river flow into the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Cabot Strait.

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