Saturday 12th August 2023 

Overnight we crossed New Brunswick to Quebec. After breakfast we followed the south bank of the St. Lawrence and by lunchtime had reached Sainte-Foy. This is the railway station for Quebec City. As a terminus it involved crossing the Quebec Bridge, a smaller version of the Forth Railway Bridge, both backwards and forwards.

Before entering Montreal Central Station, we crossed the St. Lawrence Seaway Lock, at St. Lambert. This was inaugurated in 1959 as the Gateway of the Seaway, which enabled ocean going vessels to reach the head of the Great Lakes, more than 3000 miles from the Atlantic, in the centre of North America.

We changed trains in a ‘black hole’ of a railway station. Such stations are smart on the outside but not particularly welcoming at platform level. The Ocean was delayed by 3½ hours but fortunately our next train to Toronto was across the platform and we quickly boarded. The Toronto trains are called LRC (Light, Rapid and Comfortable). Essentially, they follow the St. Lawrence, Lake Ontario and the Toronto shores of the lake. We arrived in Toronto 2 hours late at the end of 31 hours on the trains.

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