Thursday 10th August 2023

Peggy’s Cove is the home of Canada’s most photographed lighthouse.

The rugged, now wave swept outcrops of granite, are the exposed sections of the primeval continent of Pangea which have been sculptured into formations known as roche-moutonneés, which are similar to the Lofoten Islands of Norway – after all the Vikings did come to this region.

The hamlet has 26 regular inhabitants and from the wharves and clapboard timber buildings lobster fishing is the principal industry.

The post-Cabot arguments led to the expulsion of the French colonists who settled here in the 1600s. These descendants of the original French settlers were the Acadians who in 1755 were expelled by the British for refusing to pledge allegiance to the Crown. Some eluded capture and slowly returned to make new homes along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia. Others, however, migrated to French-held Louisiana.

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