Day 12

Friday 19th September

Overnight we travelled to Trondheim, arriving at breakfast time. This was quite a lengthy stop as cargo was unloaded and new cargo loaded as well as waste removed, fuel added and fresh foodstuffs and under our cabin window a super tanker transferring its load of beer to the ship.

We departed at 10:00 a.m. and sailed to open sea for some 4 hours along Trondheim fjord. At the mouth of the fjord we turned south and made the first stop of the day at Kristiansund. During the 17th – 19th centuries this was an island but since then causeways have been built to link it with other islands and the mainland to make a bigger town. The core of the town is built around the port and the original timbered buildings preserved complete with their signs showing which produce was processed inside the building and sometimes even its origin at the other side of the world.

As darkness falls we cling to the coast to reach Molde by 8:45 p.m. This is a short stop and for the rest of the night we will sail over open sea southwards to Floro.

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