Day 13

Saturday 20th September

At 8:00 a.m. this morning at Floro on the western section of the Sogn Go Fjordane Province under black skies, torrential rain and poor visibility. We made slow progress to the mouth of the Sognefjorden, one of Norway’s longest.

The whole journey was a difficult one for navigation with cloud down to the sea and continuing torrential rain. This final day on the boat brought home the importance to the whole of Norway of the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Drift’s influence on its climate. This moist and in winter relatively warm water and air keep the ports ice free even though on this voyage we have travelled to locations further north than mainland Canada and parts of Alaska (USA) which in winter are icebound.

After a 3100 mile journey we docked on time in Bergen. We stay here overnight in preparation for a very special railway journey tomorrow.

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