Day 11

Thursday 18th September

We negotiated more of the Lofoten Islands during the night to reach the Norwegian Sea and the crossing of the Arctic Circle marked by a globe on an island near the Horseman Mountain 568 metre high. There was a glass of champagne available as well as another ceremony to mark the crossing of the line.

Late morning saw us stop at Nesna, a small town reminiscent of many on the eastern seaboard of the USA with its marina, timber church and colourful buildings down to the waterfront. Our journey continued southwards, weaving our way through narrow channels between islands to reach the port at Bronnoysund. This was originally an island but the expansion of the port because of the fishing industry led to causeways being built that now makes it part of the mainland. One of Europe’s longest bridges crosses the entrance to the harbour.

By nightfall we had reached the port of Rorvik before crossing the Folda, an open stretch of sea that takes us to Trondheim by tomorrow morning.

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