Day 10

Wednesday 17th September

Overnight we travelled across several fjords to reach Harstad. As we write we are weaving our way in between the islands that form the Lofoten Wall to the small port of Risoyhamn. Just before the port we sailed through the Risoyrenna, a 3 mile long, 100 metres wide and 7 metres deep, artificial channel opened in 1922 to assist navigation. It was a masterpiece of navigation as the big ship was turned on its axis in front of a big bridge and a small space to dock.

Upon leaving the port we negotiated the end of the narrow channel and yet another big bridge with little room to spare. During the afternoon we navigated through more narrow channels, some almost within reach from the cabin window, to the capital of the Lofoten Islands at Svolvaer. The sun has already set and in still waters the lights of the town are a stunning site reflected in the sea. Overnight we will cross the Vestfjord to reach Bodo¸ and by daylight, the mainland of Norway at Ornes.

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