Wednesday 16th November 2022

At 08:15 we were awoken by the announcement of our arrival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The town is built on and around lava flows, fumeroles and on the slopes of the Tabarno Volcano.

During the morning we explored the area off the Avenida Maritima and Plaza Espana. Here the mixture of modern, Art Deco, Bauhaus and Spanish Colonial buildings were illuminated by the early morning light.

The memorial to the 500th anniversary of Magellan’s round the world voyage in 1519 was an interesting highlight. The copy of the then known world (map) had no Greenland, Northern, Central and Western North America, Western South America, Australasia, Antarctica and the Arctic and little of China. It was largely ignored except by us!

The ship was restocked and refuelled here in readiness for the next leg into the Atlantic, just as the early navigators did. From here only the horizon beckons.

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