Saturday 1st October 2022

We docked in Træna, Norway’s oldest fishing village and 30 or so miles from the mainland, at 08:00. Our first view of the island was disappointing as it was a warehouse and pallets stacked 30 high. After breakfast we needed to explore what this settlement of only 450 inhabitants that has been here since the Stone Age has to offer. As we left the ship we realised we were on an archipelago of granite islands with volcanic plugs dominating the harbour.

On disembarking we were greeted by local children (with their parents) who handed to us a ‘Welcome to Træna’ guide.

The globe commemorates the fact that we were on the Arctic Circle.

We departed late afternoon with brilliant views of the village and, as we moved into the Norwegian Sea, we could see the fish factory from which a large part of the world is supplied with every part of the fish there can be.

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