Friday 30th September 2022

Overnight we retraced our route through the many islands and by passing Tromsø to the Lofoten Islands. The light of the morning sun was spectacular as we were en route to the port of Svolvaer.

Prior to docking we turned off the Raftsund Straight near the island of Austvagoy to enter the Trollfjord which narrows to about 100m. Everyone was on deck to witness the towering cliffs and at the head of the fjord our ship turning on its axis with only metres to spare.

We then continued to dock at Svolvaer.

After lunch we transferred by coach to Henningsvaer an attractive and still working fishing village, built on islands linked by causeways which give it the nickname (just a little bit over the top!) of ‘the Venice of the Lofoten’. The village and the islands have been important for fishing for centuries and at one stage in the 1920s 700,000 cod could be hung to dry here. There is a saying related to the cod fishing industry, ‘a real Lofoten cod am I, for I was born in Henningsvaer’.

We left the port at 19:30 and heading south to cross the Arctic Circle around wake-up time tomorrow.

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