Tuesday 22nd November 2022

Banjul, The Gambia

We moved to our dock at 06:30 having been moored in the estuary of the Gambia River since the early hours. It was still dark but local ferries and fishermen were at work and bulk carriers were waiting for the tide.

We visited the Makasutu Palm Forest where we explored the palm groves and mangroves. We were lucky to see baboons, vultures, green bee-eaters and many termite nests as well as many medicinal plants used as infusions by local people and now by us in tablet form.

The drive to and from the forest, was as in all developing places, a mass of people, traders and those that can turn their hand to anything. Our return journey coincided with the end of the school day. The multi-coloured school uniforms were a treat to see.

As we write the tide has turned and the nearby merchant ships are preparing to depart or dock.

Our next 2 days are at sea to reach Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 1083 miles away. In the wide estuary we passed local fishing boats and the sun set on our bow before we turned south into the Atlantic.

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