Monday 3rd October 2022

At 08:30 and at 61N 4E it was another dull morning. The sunrise is getting later as we proceed southwards but the weather improved during the morning. We saw one ship as we approached Bergen.

It is not the first time that we have visited the city. Today we are visiting a viewpoint that we first saw in 2014 on a cloudy, damp day. So, what changes? Today it is damp again with rain further down the fjord, but it is definitely on approach. Then, as today, we used the Floibanen Funicular for the ride at 26⁰ to the top of Mount Floyen (320m) and its views over the city and the mountains.

Bergen is surrounded by 7 hills and fjords and was an important sea port and member of the 1360 Hanseatic (trading) League. The sheltered harbours, wharves and warehouses known as the Bryggen are preserved today. Fortunately, ongoing reconstruction and preservation is restoring and therefore is keeping the past alive and preventing the buildings from sinking.

Today we docked at a different location from previous visits and were only a few minutes from the Bryggen.

After dinner we departed southwards.

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