Monday 19th September 2022

At breakfast we had at 62⁰N 5⁰E already travelled the inter-coastal waterway and was making progress along the fjords to our stopping point, the village of Saebo, at around noon. We were finally experiencing calm seas and sunny intervals at 7⁰C. Prior to arrival we rendezvoused with another Hurtigruten ship for some promotional filming. When we landed, we met a German couple from the other ship, and they said that their voyage from Hamburg was most unpleasant because of the storm that we fortunately avoided.

At the head of Hjorundfjord we explored the village which essentially is an important ferry terminal for north to south road links. The mountains are so extensive here that a nearby east-west trunk road has a tunnel of 24.5km in length.

There was evidence in the village of daily life at the ferry terminal over many decades and also remains of fishing and timber industries. The railway tracks into the forests have gone but some of the line and the trans-shipment shed and its hoists are preserved in a private house.

Departure was around 8:00 p.m. and upon leaving this deep fjord we are looking forward to getting the television working again! We did, however, catch the Queen’s funeral service via a special link in the Lecture Theatre.

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