Friday 16th September 2022

At 8:00 a.m. we were at 54⁰N 2⁰E off the Holderness coast of Yorkshire and northeast of the massive Hornsea 2 offshore wind farm and close to the Dogger Bank. Over breakfast the Captain warned us of Force 9 and upwards winds and high seas, by then we were 150km off Flamborough Head. We experienced high seas, squalls of rain and strong winds which have lasted for all of the day. At 17:30 the Captain announced that the winds will eventually ease overnight, but we will continue to experience from the north at Gale Force 8 – 9 and waves of up to 8m. At that time we had 118 nautical miles to go to Edinburgh and were travelling at 9.5 knots. He said that in nautical terms, “we are on the top” which means that things are getting better. He informed us that on departure tomorrow from Edinburgh we would stay close to the Scottish coast and upon reaching the Shetland Islands would then take the shortest route to Norway. (The nearest railway station to the Shetland Islands is Bergen in Norway!)

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