Friday 4th February 2022

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May Day, May Day, but we missed it!

At daybreak the Captain reported that at 00:15 the bridge received a May Day call from a fishing boat with two people on board that was in distress and sinking in the Inner Passage off Bodø. We went to its position and were ready to assist but the coastguard helicopter was there and the fishermen were rescued.

The very strong winds and stormy seas continued during the night. We experienced Beaufort 11 and 12 with gusts of 125mph. At daybreak the temperature is 0ºC and because of the storm the pressure has dropped rapidly to 984mb. This is likely to continue all day and so the Captain is heading to Trondheim and advises everyone to stay off the open decks.

By late pm the weather has improved and there is a clear sky and scattered cloud, but we are in the Inner Passage and at 4:00p.m. from our usual position on Deck 8 we could see the waves with ‘white horses’ ahead of us. At this time we were doubtful as to whether Kristiansund’s landing would take place. At the time of writing (19:30) we now know this will not happen.

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