Sunday 5th April 2020

All the photographs have now been uploaded. Enjoy!

Leaving the hotel at 07:30 a.m. was remarkable because instead of an aeroplane landing every minute there was silence. One could hear the birds and the wind adjacent to the runway!

Terminal 5 was quiet which enabled us to get away on time on a brand new A320-220 series aeroplane. One could almost smell the showroom finish! It was a little breezy on approach to Manchester and the motorways were empty but the closer we got to the ground the choppier it became and the captain slammed it down and burnt a lot of rubber. Was this his plan to make it look as if his aeroplane had been to lots of places.

There were taxis but the airport was deserted and we had to walk from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 to access any facilities. Since arriving home we have been warmed and pleased by the concern, care and attention and interest in following our adventure both at home and abroad.

We travelled a round trip of 20,415 miles with nearly 10,000 of them in isolation!!

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