Friday 27th March 2020

We were at sea during the night and awoke to see the Gulf of Panama bathed in sunshine and teeming with bird life. A group of 4 pelicans flew alongside us and other seabirds grabbing the fish that our wake is churning up.


The Captain told us yesterday that around 10:00 a.m we would meet the Rotterdam again and wait for our slot to transit the canal.

However, from his initial tone of voice it did not sound as if everything was rosy. In the past few days there have been 4 deaths and 2 positive cases of COVID 19. The plan now is to move healthy people from the inside cabins first and over the weekend from the outside cabins but with priority to those over 70, provided they pass the health check. We are hopeful but compared to some of the guests we are spring chickens!

As we write the refuelling of the Rotterdam is not complete so that may push back the transfer until tomorrow. It is interesting to note that the reception area for the canal when we arrived was packed with ships. Now under darkness there is a handful.

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