Friday 20th March 2020

We slipped into Valparaiso in the early morning light and from the cabin saw steep streets ascending the low mountains illuminated by street lights, reminiscent of San Francisco.

During breakfast we saw the fuel ship (bunker) approaching and by 11:00 fuel was being loaded.

This took until around 16:00. It was interesting to see that as the bunker became lighter the bulbous bow revealed a seal having a nap!


It was still there when the ship returned to dock but probably slipped off into the safety of the ocean.

During the morning two supply boats came alongside. Others were to follow during daylight and at night. The boats had cranes to lift the paletted loads onto deck 1. Even with a flat calm grappling hooks were needed to steady the swinging loads. We saw large quantities of the following on one of the boats: avocados by the hundreds, many dozens of boxes of bananas, fresh oranges, apples, carrots of a size we have never seen, melons, celery, hundreds of bottles of water, wine beyond measure, sacks of flour and Chinese food.


This evening we saw Australian lamb being loaded. The clue here was a map of Australia with sheep on it, but a member of a certain nation that doesn’t teach geography, did not understand that! There was also chicken, fish and a whole variety of other things.

We don’t know when we will be leaving here, it all depends on how long it takes to load all the provisions.

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