Saturday 7th March 2020

Before leaving Buenos Aires we walked across the road from the hotel to investigate the Retiro Main Railway Station. It is a late 19th century building with Spanish influence and a wrought iron roof reminiscent of many in the UK. This is a main line station with modern multiple unit trains. Next door, however, was the suburban General Belgrano Station with locomotive-hauled push and pull trains. Outside was a street market selling fresh bread, sandwiches, newspapers and everything for a mobile phone.


Across the road was the British Clock, today disconnected from the station by wide roads but the remains of pedestrian access are still there. All of this is reminiscent of the San Francisco Ferry Terminal with its imposing clock tower in front of the terminal building linking the city with its railway station in Oakland across the Bay.

We embarked at noon and have had an afternoon of exploring the ship.

At sunset we watched the MSC Musica depart into the Rio del Plata and disappear over the horizon en route to the Atlantic. It is amazing how wide the estuary is, as first of all one cannot see land beyond the horizon (this is usually about 23 miles at sea level) and from Deck 3 it appeared that the horizon was above the ship!

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