Friday 18th January

Today is our ‘day at sea’ as we sail past Malaysia on the South China Sea to our destination at daybreak tomorrow of the island Ko Samui, Thailand.

This morning we had a tour of the galley where the food for 2000 guests and about 800 crew members is prepared. It was interesting that our first stopping point was the washing area where 12 people each day wash 3000 dinner plates, 7000 dessert plates, 2000 side plates and 5000 glasses. There is also the cutlery to wash!

We saw the fresh fruit and salad being prepared and the 48 gallon soup kettles preparing this evenings’ soups and sauces. Adjacent to this station was the bakery which each day prepares 120 loaves of bread, 100 baguettes, 4000 dinner rolls, 800 croissants and 800 Danish pastries. In addition to all of this are the hobs and ovens where meat, fish and vegetables are cooked. The executive chef works hard at estimating what is likely to be eaten at each meal which keeps waste to a minimum. Food waste can be turned into a mulch and can be burned with dry waste. Plastics are compacted, glass is crushed and these are landed ashore when in port.

Tonight’s meal saw us consume a small amount of the 11,830lbs of meat and a smaller portion of the 3,814lbs of poultry consumed on the average cruise.

The two signs of life today have been a bulk carrier and a white cruise ship in the distance. Other than that we seem to have had the sea to ourselves.

Upon our return from dinner our steward had made this friendly character to guard us during the night!

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