Wednesday 12th September

Today we drove to Brockville, Ontario. It is a small town on the shore of the eastern end of Lake Ontario and where the navigable part of the St Lawrence River going downstream begins. There are a series of locks between here and Montreal where the Great Lakes – St Lawrence Seaway begins/ends. This massive construction feat was built in the 1950s/60s and enables sea going ships to use a water staircase using the river and the Great Lakes to get inland, as far as most of the Atlantic Ocean is wide, to Duluth at the head of Lake Superior. Having left the main 401 Highway we used the original road, that runs alongside the river, to see the waterfront communities and an oil tanker heading upstream at the Iroquois Lock.

For our evening meal we went to a waterside pub for chicken wings with an amazing range of coatings/sauces. Delicious!

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