Monday 27th August

Today we flew from Manchester to a rainy Copenhagen, Denmark. Our approach to the airport took us over the Oresund with a view of Sweden, and in particular on the final approach, the bridge which links Sweden with Denmark. The bridge is a double decker with a railway line on the lower deck and motor vehicles on the top deck, but because of its proximity to Copenhagen airport the approach to the bridge from Denmark is by a tunnel. This is “The Bridge” in the recent TV series. Before its construction the journey to Sweden was a long one by ferry.

We arrived in time for lunch in the Nyhavn (New Harbour) which is part of the inner harbour and is lined by 18th century merchant houses and fish processing buildings. Today these buildings are bars and restaurants.

By the evening the rained had stopped and we explored a new waterfront overlooking the oldest part of the city called “Christianshavn”. The new retractable bridge was perfectly reflected in the windows of the new theatre opposite the new Opera House.

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