Sunday 4th February

We arrived in Los Angeles before sunrise and had to have an early breakfast in preparation for disembarkation. All passengers were divided into groups determined initially by those who had aeroplanes to catch or those that had independent transfer arrangements. We had to meet our car for transfer to the hotel at 09:30 a.m.


We arrived at Pier 93.


Whilst waiting for our disembarkation time we witnessed some of the 180 tons of food to be loaded as well as the removal of waste and the arrival of some new crew.

Our hotel is in Downtown LA which has been transformed in the past couple of decades and has been described as the “Wall Street of the West” with bank and other financial companies surrounding some of the original 19th century buildings like the Bradbury Building built in 1893. Many buildings like the Bradbury as well as suburbs and road names, call to mind films and TV programmes as one travels around the city. We are close to the 2.5 billion dollar LA Live Project which is the home of Staples Centre, the LA Lakers, the Microsoft Theatre, the Grammy Museum as well as other museums.

We have just had dinner and returned to our room. This is the view we got on entering the room.

So it is Goodnight from me and Goodnight from him!




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