Thursday 1st February

Today is another day at sea so we thought that we would take this opportunity to show you around the Coral Princess. At the start of the tour which lasted an hour, we are off Mexico and have had a rain shower during lunch.


The ship is owned by Princess Cruises which in 1977 played a role in an American TV show, a soap opera, called ‘The Love Boat’. This introduced the public to cruising. The ship has more than 700 rooms with balconies, can carry more than 2000 passengers and is built to PANAMAX standards. There are 15 decks in total. Our cabin is on Deck 5 – low down but more comfortable in bad weather as this type of ship has a shallow draught but is very high. The higher one goes the more the movement. Hence we felt nothing of a storm but those on Deck 10 upwards certainly did.

Let’s take you on a tour.

Our cabin is the first one on the left of this picture.

This news sheet keeps you informed of daily events.

Deck 7 known as the Promenade Deck. A good place to sit and watch the world go by.

Into the lift to Deck 15.

Deck 14 has sports facilities and at the bow is the Horizon Court Restaurant where it is self service throughout the day.

Decks 12 to 8 have the Staterooms with balconies. In the centre of Deck 8 is the Atrium – the heart of the ship which goes down to Deck 5.

Into the glass lift to go down to Deck 7.

On Deck 7 are bars, restaurants and theatres.

Deck 6 is a shopping mall.

Deck 5 – The Front Desk and Coffee Shop and one of the two formal restaurants.


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