Thursday 18th January

Our flight to Miami from London Heathrow followed the most northerly Great Circle route because of the very strong headwinds.

This route took us west of Derby, up the middle of the Pennines , across northwest Scotland and over Greenland at 61 degrees north.

From here we went towards the south over the frozen rivers and lakes of Newfoundland and Labrador. Over the eastern seaboard of the USA we flew much higher, at times over 40,00ft and at speeds of 540 mph because of more favourable winds.

We passed to the east of New York and followed the coastline to Miami. We arrived on time, despite the strong headwinds over the Atlantic which made us follow a route of longer distance than normal. Our seats in row 23 (downstairs) on the Airbus A380 provided us with a view but the faster the plane went the more the wings lift so that at times there was a wall of metal outside the window. The wings are so much bigger than any other passenger aircraft.

We transferred to a hotel in Fort Lauderdale.


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